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About Mediker:

Mediker is a brand for treating lice and a market leader in its category. Mediker, a three-decade-
old brand was acquired by Marico from Procter & Gamble, in July 1999, in the shampoo format.

Lice problem is a very common problem among girl children in the age group of 5 - 12 years.
A child can go through physical, mental and psychological problems due to lice. Problems like anemia, pediculosis, lack of concentration, bleeding through excessive scratching, rejection,
social embarrassment etc. can add to the child's growing up pains. Mediker is an easy painless solution, which helps the mother tackle this problem.

The brand has caught on, not just in the urban sections of India but also the rural.


Mediker today has three products in its portfolio: Mediker Anti Lice treatment, Mediker Anti Lice Oil and Mediker Plus Anti Lice Oil.

Mediker Anti Lice treatment
In its first avtaar, Mediker pioneered the switch from the traditional lice comb, which is painful to use, to an easy and effective way of treating lice using shampoo.

Mediker Anti Lice Oil
Marico recognized a consumer need and also launched 'Mediker Anti Lice Oil' to provide an alternative to a different consumer segment who is more comfortable with the hair oil format. Mediker Anti-Lice Oil, or simply Mediker Oil, contains Coconut oil with Neem extracts and Camphor that effectively fight the problem of lice. The product was nationally launched in December 2002.

Mediker Plus Anti-Lice Oil
Mediker Plus Anti-Lice Oil was launched specifically in the Southern markets in February 2005, as the South Indian consumer was looking for an alternative to Mediker Anti-Lice Shampoo.

Contributor's to Mediker's success

Success of the Mediker brand is the result of constant innovation by the R&D team, consumer-centric communication and excellent distribution.

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